Been A While.

2013-01-10 20:27:13 by Superaereas
Uploaded a song yesterday. I'm going to keep checking here for any signs of activity, but mostly it'll stay on my youtube, facebook, and the such.


New VA channel.

2012-10-27 16:34:34 by Superaereas

I have a new youtube channel that goes by the name of "CreepyVA" In the demo I do a few voices like Salad Fingers and Jeff the Killer. Also, I post a few things that I've read using different voices. You can find them all on my channel if you wish to listen. CreepyVA, the creepiest voice actor you'll ever know.


2012-09-10 13:01:28 by Superaereas

Aaaaaaaah~ The first time my voice is broadcasted. I know I only had one line, but I was very excited for it, and I was killed by Rina-chan! >w<


2012-04-23 17:13:34 by Superaereas

Thought 1: Music
I'm at a dead end on music. Making track 2 is proving to be a challenge, and with the synth part so unique, I can't really change it. I now see that my guitar skills are a little bit lacking if I can't even keep up with my own songs, but I learned about 85% of "Revolver's Waltz" on a real guitar, and all I need is the solo ;).

Songs that won's be on the new promo:
Project: Beat
and unless I can recreate it (since I didn't make sheet music or anything) Cherise.

Thought 2: Animation
Also sort of a dead end. I feel like I want to make my Friday's on Monday sketches come to life, but I have a problem animating and voicing... should I start animating, I'll definitely cast some voice actors for it.

Thought 3: Drawing
... Yeah... I won't even go there. XD